Mastering the Fantasy Premier League Battlefield

August 7, 2023
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If you’re a football enthusiast looking to engage with the sport on a whole new level, you’ve come to the right place. FPL is an exciting platform that combines your passion for football with the thrill of strategizing and competition. It allows you to step into the shoes of a manager, pick your dream team, and compete with millions of managers worldwide.

Whether you’re an FPL newcomer or a seasoned player seeking to up your game, this comprehensive guide aims to arm you with the knowledge and strategies to navigate your way to FPL success. From understanding the basics to learning from the pros, let’s dive into the rollercoaster ride that is the Fantasy Premier League.

Understanding the Basics of FPL

Picture this: you’re the strategic mastermind behind your very own Premier League team, wielding the power to choose a star-studded line-up and transform on-pitch actions into a thrilling journey from the comfort of your couch. This is the exhilarating world of fantasy football – a perfect fusion of football fandom and strategic prowess that makes you the puppeteer of your virtual football universe.

In the Fantasy Premier League (FPL), you’re the manager of a 15-strong squad, assembled within a budget of £100m. Your battalion includes two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders, and three forwards. Every week, or gameweek as it’s known in FPL, you field 11 of these players with the rest warming the bench.

One player gets to wear the captain’s armband, doubling their points for that week. Pick wisely! If your captain doesn’t play, your vice-captain steps in to earn double points.

You can make one free transfer per week. Want more? It’ll cost you four points each.

During the season, you also have some special ‘chips’ at your disposal – these can boost your points when played strategically.

How Points are Scored?

Scoring points in FPL is all about real-life performance. Your players earn points for playing matches, scoring goals, assisting goals, keeping clean sheets, and even saving penalties. Goalkeepers and defenders get the most points for clean sheets, so choose them carefully!

On the flip side, points can be lost too. Players lose points for yellow and red cards, own goals, missed penalties, and letting in too many goals if they’re a goalkeeper or a defender.

Common Terms in FPL

Entering the world of FPL can sometimes feel like learning a new language. So, here are some terms you’ll need:

  • Gameweek (GW): Each round of Premier League matches is a gameweek in FPL. Your team earns points based on their performances in these matches.
  • Clean Sheet (CS): When a team doesn’t concede any goals in a match. Crucial for earning your defenders and goalkeepers extra points.
  • Double Gameweek (DGW): When a team has two matches in a single gameweek, giving your players from that team a chance to score double points.
  • Blank Gameweek (BGW): A gameweek where some teams don’t have a match.
  • Chips: Special one-time use boosts that can enhance your team’s performance for a gameweek. The Wildcard, Free Hit, Triple Captain, and Bench Boost are all chips.

Getting Started On Your Fantasy Premier League Journey

Pumped up to trade your armchair for a virtual manager’s seat in the exhilarating world of football? Beginning your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) adventure offers a unique thrill, akin to a last-minute winning goal, combining the sheer love of football with the strategic thinking of a seasoned manager.

Kick-starting your FPL journey is as easy as a well-rehearsed training drill. Dash to the official FPL website and sign up to craft your team – your squad that will bring glory to your chosen team name. Make it memorable, instilling both dread and delight in your opponents!

Next up, it’s time to play accountant with your generous £100m budget. Every player in FPL carries a price, determined by their real-life exploits on the pitch and their popularity amongst fellow FPL managers. While the crème de la crème of Premier League talents can leave a substantial dent in your budget, the new faces or less-heralded talents might just offer value for money – they’re the potential ‘diamonds in the rough’ you’ll want to scout.

Assembling your initial squad is akin to a masterful game of chess – balancing strength, strategy, and foresight. Your chessboard: a team comprising two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders, and three forwards. With budgetary limits, fluctuating player form, and an ever-changing fixture landscape, this process is a delightful challenge that forms the very essence of FPL.

Rather than splurging all your budget on high-profile players, consider a well-rounded strategy. A combination of proven performers with under-the-radar prospects often proves more successful than an all-star ensemble. The key here is to scout with a keen eye, gauge upcoming fixtures, and embrace your intuition.

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And let’s not forget about your reserves warming the bench. These players might not be regular point-scorers, but when called upon, they could be your game-changers, turning the tides in your favour.

Selecting Your FPL Squad

Picture yourself as a scout, scrutinising players for their potential to become FPL gold. This is your transfer market, where every decision counts. Your choice of players can make or break your FPL season.

Key Factors to Consider in Selecting Players

In this grand game of fantasy football, you’ve got several factors to weigh before landing on your squad. Think of these as your secret ingredients for the recipe of success.

  • Player’s Form: Is your player on a hot streak, netting goals, and racking up assists? Form is temporary but absolutely crucial in FPL. Hop onto in-form players, they might just set your points tally on fire!
  • Player’s Fixtures: An easy run of games might be the perfect time to swoop in for a player. Look ahead at the fixture list. It’s a wise manager who picks players with favourable fixtures.
  • Player’s Position and Role: Is your player the main striker, the playmaker, the set-piece taker, or a marauding full-back? The more involved they are in creating or scoring goals, the better.
  • Player’s Price and Value: A player’s worth isn’t just in their price but also their potential to score points. An expensive player failing to perform is a liability, while a cheap player regularly delivering points is an asset.

Player Selection and Management

The journey of selecting and managing your players in FPL is not a one-off event, but a season-spanning expedition, brimming with exhilarating ups and downs. 

Unearthing FPL’s hidden treasures is an exhilarating quest, akin to a thrilling treasure hunt. The real prize? Those underrated and often overlooked players, poised to deliver performance that far surpasses their modest price tag. Be vigilant and keep tabs on recent signings, players unexpectedly playing out-of-position, and those making comebacks from injuries. These players, with their low ownership and competitive price, can morph into your secret weapons, delivering rich rewards.

In the dynamic world of FPL, adaptability is your ally. A team that remains static is a ship sailing against the tide in the stormy seas of the Premier League. Strategically rotating players, considering their current form, upcoming fixtures, and overall fitness can prove pivotal in your quest for maximising points. 

Being attuned to the whispers and roars of player transfers and injury updates is as crucial as setting up your initial team. A fresh transfer might alter a player’s pitch-time, while an unexpected injury can bench your highest point-earner. An informed FPL manager stays updated and ahead of the game. 

Strategy of Captaincy in Fantasy Premier League

In the thrilling theatre of Fantasy Premier League, the spotlight shines brightest on the chosen ones – the captain and vice-captain. These key players are not just wearing the armband for show, they’re your potential game-changers.

Understanding the Captain’s Importance

In FPL, your captain’s role parallels that of an ace in a pack of cards – a game-changer that can double up your fortunes. The player bestowed with the captain’s armband will have their points for that gameweek multiplied by two, making this decision as momentous as the final goal in a nail-biting tie.

Choosing the Right Captain Each Week

The art of captain selection is a strategic feat, blending in-depth analysis with a sprinkling of gut instinct. You need to weigh in factors like your player’s form, the challenge posed by their upcoming opponent, and even their past record against the same opponent. This decision carries weight – after all, your captain could be your top point-scorer for the week!

Effectively Utilising the Vice-Captain Option

While the captain usually hogs the limelight, the vice-captain plays a crucial supporting role. This player is your safeguard, ready to step up and double their points if your captain fails to play. Consequently, choosing a reliable vice-captain is essential – a formidable backup can be a saving grace!

Mastering the strategy of captaincy in FPL is an exhilarating endeavour, punctuated by critical decisions and triumphs.

The Power of Chips in FPL

Imagine having a magic wand to change your team’s fate in the Fantasy Premier League. Meet the Chips – your power-packed tools to turbo-charge your FPL journey.

In the FPL game of cards, chips are your aces. There’s the Wildcard, allowing you to overhaul your team without any point deductions. The Bench Boost, turning your substitutes into potential point-scoring heroes. The Triple Captain, making your captain’s points count thrice for a gameweek. Lastly, the Free Hit, letting you temporarily revamp your team for just one gameweek.

When to Play Your Chips?

Playing your chips is all about timing. Wait for the opportune moment. Feel a need for a major squad overhaul? Play the Wildcard. Got a feeling that your bench players are about to shine? Go for Bench Boost. Think your captain will have the game of his life? Triple Captain is the way to go. Navigating a tricky gameweek with multiple absentees? Free Hit to the rescue!

Use of Chips for Double Gameweeks and Blank Gameweeks

Double Gameweeks (when a team plays more than once in a gameweek) and Blank Gameweeks (when a team doesn’t play at all) are when your chips can play a crucial role. Triple Captain or Bench Boost can be a goldmine during Double Gameweeks, while the Free Hit chip can save your blushes during a Blank Gameweek.

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The art of using chips is akin to chess – it’s all about strategy and timing. Play your chips right, and you could see your FPL fortunes take a soaring upward trajectory!

Imagine a bustling city at peak hour – that’s the Premier League during fixture congestion. Games come thick and fast, and in the fast lane of Fantasy Premier League, you must be ready to manoeuvre your team through this thrilling yet challenging period.

In the Premier League, fixture congestion is like a sudden downpour in the middle of a picnic. It’s when matches are scheduled closely, often due to cup competitions or rescheduled games. This can lead to teams playing multiple games within a short span, impacting player fitness, rotation risk, and your FPL points potential.

Planning and Managing Your Squad During Peak Fixture Periods

Managing your FPL squad during fixture congestion is like playing a high-stakes game of Tetris – you need to fit all the pieces together perfectly. 

  • Prioritise players from teams with favourable fixtures and those less likely to be rotated. 
  • Have a strong bench ready to step in and make sure you’re not too heavily invested in a single team.

Dealing with the Christmas Fixture Pile-up

The festive season in the Premier League brings joy, gifts, and a pile-up of fixtures! With games almost every day, it’s crucial to plan ahead. Utilise your chips wisely, keep an eye on rotation-prone teams, and ensure your squad is fit and ready to embrace the holiday spirit!

Steering through fixture congestion might be a test of your mettle as an FPL manager, but remember, it’s also an opportunity – a chance to outsmart, outplay, and outscore your rivals. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Top Insights and Strategies from Successful FPL Managers

In the Fantasy Premier League, the top managers are akin to grandmasters in chess. They strategically manoeuvre their pieces, anticipating the opponent’s moves while always staying two steps ahead. So, what’s the secret sauce behind their FPL mastery?

  • Top FPL managers understand that patience is more than just a virtue; it’s an essential strategy. They don’t let one bad gameweek send them into a spiral of hasty transfers. They play the long game, keeping their eyes on the prize, rather than obsessing over short-term setbacks.
  • Data is their guiding light. They use it to make informed decisions, basing their player selection and captain choices on performance metrics rather than personal bias or sentiment.
  • They don’t get star-struck. Big names and past reputation don’t sway them as much as current form, upcoming fixtures, and potential point hauls. In their playbook, every player has to earn their place on the team, regardless of their Premier League status.
  • They diversify their team, spreading the risk and potential rewards across different teams and positions. This approach helps to shield their team from a catastrophic gameweek if one team performs poorly.
  • And their secret weapon? Spotting the differential players, those hidden gems that are overlooked by most managers but can rake in big points.

Learning from the top FPL managers isn’t about copying their moves, but understanding their strategies, adopting their patience, and making data-driven decisions. This winning playbook can help you climb the ranks in your FPL journey.

Harnessing Wisdom from the FPL Community

The Fantasy Premier League is not just a game – it’s a global community of passionate football enthusiasts, each one eager to share their wisdom and learn from others. Navigating through the FPL waters is a lot easier when you have a supportive community by your side. These resources listed below will keep you updated with news, trends, and data, enabling you to make informed decisions about your FPL team.

Websites and Blogs

  • Fantasy Football Scout: A comprehensive resource offering player stats, fixture analysis, scout reports, strategy guides, and more.
  • FPL Connect: A blog featuring articles on strategy, player analysis, and predictive modelling.


  • Always Cheating: A podcast where hosts discuss FPL strategies, tips, and player insights.

Social Media and Online Forums

  • r/FantasyPL reddit: A Reddit community with a wealth of information shared by FPL managers worldwide.
  • Facebook Groups: Numerous groups like the ‘Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Tips, News & Views’ offer a platform to discuss strategies and ask for advice.

Data Analysis Tools

  • Fantasy Football Fix: Offers algorithm-driven FPL tools including price change predictor, fixture analyzer, and player statistics.
  • Understated: A great resource for detailed player and team statistics including xG (Expected Goals) and xA (Expected Assists).
  • FPL Review: Provides advanced analytical tools like the Team Planner and Performance Analyzer.

Mixing Strategy and Fun in FPL

While the Fantasy Premier League is a game that requires careful strategizing and planning, it’s also an extension of our love for football. The real magic of FPL happens when you find that sweet spot where strategy meets enjoyment.

Strategic moves, informed by statistics and data, are undeniably crucial to climb the FPL ladder. These decisions – whether it’s choosing the right captain, spotting a differential player, or playing a chip at the opportune time – they all make up the cerebral side of the game. And the feeling of satisfaction when your carefully planned moves pay off is indescribable.

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But remember, FPL should also resonate with the beat of your football-loving heart. It’s about the sheer joy of watching football, the thrill of seeing your selected players perform on the real pitch, and the rush of adrenaline when your captain nets a goal. Don’t forget to celebrate these moments of pure joy – they’re the heart of the FPL experience.

So, as you meticulously strategize your way through the FPL season, make sure to keep the fun alive. Revel in the unpredictable twists and turns, the last-minute goals, and the unexpected clean sheets. It’s this balance of strategic gameplay and pure enjoyment that makes FPL the exciting adventure that it is. After all, it’s not just about the points – it’s about the love for the beautiful game!

How to Participate in Mini-Leagues and Competitions

Mini-leagues are the heart of the Fantasy Premier League community, turning the individual game into a social and competitive experience. Participating in these leagues is simple and adds another layer of excitement to your FPL journey. Here’s how you can join:

  • Joining a Mini-League: Once you’ve set up your FPL team, navigate to the ‘Leagues’ tab in your account. Here, you’ll find the option to ‘Create and join new leagues.’ You can join a mini-league by entering a code provided by the league creator, which could be a friend, colleague, or a member of the FPL community.
  • Creating a Mini-League: Want to add a personal touch to your FPL season? Create your own mini-league and invite your friends, family, or colleagues to join. This way, you can directly compete with familiar faces, adding a friendly rivalry to the mix.
  • Entering Public Competitions: FPL also runs several public competitions that you can join, including the global league where you compete with all FPL managers worldwide. There are also country-specific and gameweek-specific leagues to join.

Participating in mini-leagues and competitions is not just about the competition – it’s also about learning from other managers, sharing experiences, and enjoying the journey together.

Dealing with the Ups and Downs of the Season

Just like the sport it’s based on, the Fantasy Premier League season is full of unpredictable twists and turns. One week you might be riding high on a wave of points, and the next, you might find your team at the bottom of the table. But fear not! Here’s how to navigate these highs and lows:

  • Stay Calm and Carry On: After a low-scoring gameweek, it’s crucial to avoid knee-jerk reactions. Don’t let one bad week dictate your strategy going forward. Be patient and trust in the decisions you’ve made.
  • Learn from Your Mistakes: Each setback is an opportunity to learn and grow. Reflect on your decisions and try to understand what went wrong. Did you take a gamble that didn’t pay off? Was your captain choice off the mark? Use these insights to make better decisions in the future.
  • Celebrate the Victories: When you have a successful gameweek, enjoy it! Celebrate your victories, no matter how small. They’ll keep you motivated during tough times.
  • Remember, It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: FPL is a long-haul game. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to bounce back from a bad week. So keep your eyes on the prize and enjoy the ride.


As you’ve learned, the FPL journey is about strategy, competition, learning from the highs and lows, and, above all, the sheer joy of football. It’s about building a community, honing your managerial skills, and immersing yourself in the beautiful game like never before. As you set forth on your FPL adventure, remember to stay patient, be proactive, and keep learning. But most importantly, don’t forget to have fun. After all, at the heart of FPL lies the love for the beautiful game. So, get out there, unleash your managerial prowess, and may your FPL journey be as exciting as a last-minute winner!

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